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Does Oklahoma Require a Marijuana Manufacturing License to Make Cannabis Products?

Yes. Oklahoma requires a processor license for a business to process cannabis and make cannabis products for medical purposes. This license allows for processing marijuana into a concentrated form and edible medical products. A marijuana processor license also enables the sale of marijuana to licensed dispensaries and other licensed processors. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), governed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, was set up to run the medical marijuana program in Oklahoma. The OMMA is responsible for licensing processors and renewing their licenses annually. After obtaining a license from the OMMA, processors must also register with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD). Without registering with the OBNDD, marijuana processors cannot possess medical marijuana or medical marijuana products at their business locations.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority provides the license application requirements for medical marijuana businesses. In addition, the OMMA ensures that all licensed processors adhere to Title 63 O.S. & 420 et seq. and the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 310:681.

If a marijuana processor business has more than one location, Oklahoma marijuana business application requirements mandate each location to have a separate license. Therefore, the applicant needs to submit a separate application and pay the non-refundable application fee for each business location.

Does Oklahoma Require Licensed Cannabis Manufacturers to Have Cultivation Licenses?

Oklahoma does not require that a licensed cannabis processor should have a cultivation license. Licensed marijuana processors can buy marijuana from licensed growers and other licensed processors. Also, a licensed marijuana processor is authorized to process, package, and sell its medical marijuana products to a licensed dispensary or another licensed processor.

Upon approval of a processor license, a transporter license is issued to a marijuana processor. This transportation license entitles the holder to transport medical marijuana or medical marijuana products from their locations to dispensaries, other processors, or testing laboratories within Oklahoma.

How Does Oklahoma Classify Marijuana Manufacturing Licenses?

In Oklahoma, medical marijuana processor licenses are classified into two based on the type of chemical used for extraction. A hazardous medical marijuana processor license is issued to a processor that uses chemicals considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard under 29 CFR & 1910.1200. A processor that does not use any chemical regarded as hazardous by OSHA during extraction is issued a non-hazardous medical marijuana processor license.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Manufacturing Licenses in Oklahoma?

There are two types of marijuana manufacturing licenses in Oklahoma, namely;

  • Non-hazardous processor license: Holders of this type of license must carry out their extraction processes or operate extraction equipment without using any type of hazardous chemicals like butane, propane, and carbon dioxide. The license is issued to processors who operate on residential properties.
  • Hazardous processor license: Processors who hold this type of license use hazardous chemicals like butane, propane, and carbon dioxide in their extraction processes. This license cannot be issued to a licensee that processes marijuana on residential property.

Does Oklahoma Require a Separate License to Manufacture Edibles?

Yes, a processor licensee in Oklahoma must obtain a food license to produce edible medical marijuana products. This license is obtained through the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH). An applicant must fill and mail the Plan Review Application form with a non-refundable fee of $425 to:

Oklahoma State Department of Health

Consumer Health Service

PO Box 268815

Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8815

If a marijuana processor business is found to be in compliance with the rules after an initial license inspection, the state inspector will issue an initial license application. Upon receiving the issued initial license application, the applicant must mail it with an initial license fee of $425 to the Consumer Health Service. Not later than 30 days after receiving the license application and fee, the Consumer Health Service will mail the official food license to the applicant.

In addition, processors are required to renew their food licenses annually at the cost of $335. The applicant must send this license renewal fee to the Consumer Health Service on or before the expiration date of the existing license. The applicant must send a late renewal license fee of $375 to the Consumer Health Service if payment is made within 30 days after the expiration date. However, there will be an additional fee if payment is being made after 30 days post expiration of the food license. The OSDH will determine the additional fee. An initial application will be required, along with an initial license fee of $425 once the expiration date is up to 90 days or more.

There are additional requirements by the Food Safety Standard Board for preparing, producing, manufacturing, processing, handling, labeling, and packaging edible medical marijuana products.

The main display panels for labeling and packaging medical marijuana food products must include the following:

  • The name and address of the business
  • The name of the food
  • The net weight of contents
  • The list of ingredients
  • Food allergen information
  • Nutrition labeling
  • The list of cannabis ingredients
  • The batch of marijuana
  • The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) dosage in milligrams per unit
  • The lot code

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan (HACCP) in the Code of Federal Regulations is in place to make sure processors adhere to Oklahoma food safety laws, especially OAC 310:260-3-6.

Processors must examine all medical marijuana food products for microbial, solvent, and chemical residue, metals, pesticide residue, potency, contaminants, and filth. To ascertain that every medical marijuana food product is suitable and safe for human consumption, processors must conduct all tests in compliance with the established standards and thresholds.

Processing of edible medical marijuana products cannot be carried out in a private home where people live or sleep. Also, lodging for the staff of medical marijuana manufacturing businesses must be separated from areas on the premises used for operations.

How to Get a Cannabis Manufacturing License in Oklahoma

A medical marijuana manufacturing business in Oklahoma is required to apply to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority for a medical marijuana processor license. The OMMA is responsible for processing all applications and issuing medical marijuana processor licenses in the state. A valid email address is needed for an applicant to log in to the OMMA website to apply for a processor license. This email will be used for subsequent correspondence.

All medical marijuana processor license applicants must provide the following information:

  • An identification document which can be copies of any of the following:
    • An Oklahoma driver’s license
    • An Oklahoma State identification card
    • A United States Passport
    • A tribal identification card
  • Evidence of residency for the last two years before the application date or five consecutive years within the previous 25 years before the application date. At least 75% of the business owners must be residents of Oklahoma. Evidence of being an Oklahoma resident can be an electronic, color copy of at least one of these documents:
    • A valid Oklahoma driver’s license
    • An Oklahoma identification card
    • A utility bill for the calendar month prior to the application date. This utility bill must be exclusive of cellular telephone and internet bills.
    • A residential property deed for a property in Oklahoma
    • An existent rental arrangement for an Oklahoma residential property
    • Any other document that the OMMA considers valid to prove residency
  • A Certificate of Compliance for the location of their establishment. This Certificate of Compliance will be made available by the political division with authority over their business location.
  • An Ownership Disclosure documentation. The applicant can download the Ownership Disclosure Form, complete it appropriately, and upload it along with other required documents when applying for a processor license.
  • An Affidavit of Lawful Presence
  • A Criminal History Background Check Report within 30 days preceding the application date. This check must be carried out by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) on the applicant as well as principal officers and owners of the marijuana business.
  • A Proof of Location of the business using GPS coordinates
  • A certificate of good standing from the Secretary of State (SOS) and a permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) for Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, or Limited Partnership businesses. \ Other requirements include:
  • All applicants must be at least 25 years old.
  • All members, managers, and board members of a marijuana business applying for a processor license must be residents of Oklahoma.
  • An applicant cannot be a sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer, prosecuting officer, or an employee of the OMMA or the municipality where the business is situated.

All applicants should crosscheck their documents and information using the Commercial License Checklist before submitting their applications. In addition, an application review is available online to assist applicants with confirming whether they have met all requirements before the final submission of their application. Items flagged with a red X need to be completed before submission of the application.

Assessment of business applications and renewals by the OMMA is done within 90 business days. If an application is rejected due to the incomplete provision of the necessary information, the applicant will need to re-submit all the required information. The applicant must re-submit for reassessment within 30 calendar days; otherwise, the application will become invalid.

A medical marijuana processor license is valid for only one location. Except if retracted by the OMMA, a medical marijuana processor license is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

How Much Does a Cannabis Manufacturing License Cost in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, the application fee for a medical marijuana processor license is $2,500, which can be paid using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. A credit card processing fee will be added to the amount to be paid. All payments are non-refundable, even for unapproved applications.

The renewal cost of an Oklahoma medical marijuana processor license is calculated based on the amount of biomass or production/use of cannabis concentrate in the previous 12 months. For processors that produce non-liquid concentrates, the liquid equivalent is calculated as 1 liter per 1,000 grams of the non-liquid concentrate. The table below summarizes the annual fee Oklahoma charges for its medical marijuana license fee.

Tier Production Volume Application Fee Credit Card Processing Fee Total
Tier 1 Up to 10,000 lbs. biomass or up to 100 L of concentrate $2,500 $58.30 $2,558.30
Tier 2 10,001-50,000 lbs. of biomass or 101-350 L of concentrate $5,000 $114.55 $5,114.55
Tier 3 50,001-150,000 lbs. of biomass or 351-650 L of concentrate $10,000 $227.05 $10,227.05
Tier 4 150,001-300,000 lbs. of biomass or 651-1,000 L of concentrate $15,000 $339.55 $15,339.55
Tier 5 More than 300,001 lbs. of biomass or 1,001 L of concentrate $20,000 $452.04 $20,452.04
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