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How Much Does the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) issues licenses to patients and caregivers registered in the state’s medical cannabis program. It issues patient licenses for adults and minors as well as out-of-state patients. Oklahoma also has a short-term medical marijuana license, valid for 60 days rather than 2 years, for residents. Patients who are residents of the state must obtain physician recommendations to apply for Oklahoma’s MMJ card.

Cost of Physician Consultation

When applying to join the Oklahoma medical marijuana program, a patient must provide a completed and signed Physician Recommendation Form (Adults & Minors). The OMMA requires two physicians to sign a recommendation form for a minor patient. Only a state-licensed doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathic medicine, or doctor of podiatric medicine can recommend a patient for medical cannabis use in Oklahoma. The certifying physician must also be in good standard with their professional medical board. Eligible physicians may choose to be on the optional Registered Physicians List maintained by the OMMA. Patients may expect to pay for physician visits conducted to provide them with valid recommendation forms. The cost of such consultations usually varies from $100 to $350.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card Fee

According to the OMMA medical marijuana application fee schedule, a patient license costs $104.30 ($100 + $4.30 credit card processing fee). This fee is the same for all patient licenses including adult, minor, out-of-state, and short-term medical cannabis cards. Patients on Medicaid and Medicare enjoy a reduced fee of $22.50 ($20 + $2.50 for credit card processing). Caregiver medical cannabis licenses are free in Oklahoma.

Except for the short-term patient license (up to 60 days) and the out-of-state patient license (up to 30 days), all MMJ cards in Oklahoma are valid for 2 years. The costs of renewing these licenses are the same as the initial fees paid for new ones.

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